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Holidays Don’t Have To Equal We...

Holidays Don’t Have To Equal Weight Gain…
But they do for the vast majority of us… According to the majority of the studies that have examined weight gain during the holiday season, we put on very little, if any, weight during the holidays. However, even without weight gain, we tend to increase our body fat percentage, which may partially explain why we often have the illusion [...]

Product Review: Bridge Brands Chocola...

Oh, you spoil me… For a girl who likes her wine, AND her chocolate, this is a most welcomed package at my doorstep! I know that I’ve posted on several occasions on the benefits of dark chocolate (the higher the percentage the better!); a known mood elevator, natural vasodialator, and one of the most powerful antioxid [...]

Thai Coconut Curry & Squash Soup

Happy November! What’s that? You say you’re not completely “squashed out” yet? GREAT! Cause I’ve got a doozie for you!! This Thai inspired winter squash soup is the perfect meal to compliment the cool and wet weather outside, and will warm you from the inside out; bringing together traditional Thai flavors such a [...]

Making A Healthy Halloween & Tea...

Making A Healthy Halloween & Teal Pumpkins!
This year you will hopefully start seeing some teal painted pumpkins on your neighborhood route. Launched as a national campaign by Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) in 2014, the Teal Pumpkin Projectâ„¢ raises awareness of food allergies and promotes inclusion of all trick-or-treaters throughout the Halloween season. Join 100,000 ho [...]

Product Review: Amazing Grass Green S...

Whew!! Long time, friends. Long time… I’ve missed you, but please understand it was for a greater good, and I’m back with a greater knowledge, a more diverse skill set, and the spare time to enlighten you all!! Yes sir! I am once again finished with my studies, that is, at least until I find the next subject to pique my inte [...]

Product Review: Nicobella Vegan Organ...

Oh happy day!! Can I tell you about how stupidly excited I am to have been asked to be an expert reviewer for!? Not only do they provide access to artisan and small producer chocolates from around the world, they want to send them to me for FREE!!! (psst…you can follow them on Twitter @choctweets) Regardless of what the r [...]

Dreamy Pina Colada Pops

This is what summer looks like in my world. For those of you that know me personally, you are well aware that “dreamy” is not a word that is commonly used in my vocabulary. So why is it featured in this post?? Because these tropical frozen treats will have you dreaming of palm trees, sandy beaches, and cabana boys in banana hammoc [...]

Should We Be Leary Of Bulletproof Cof...

Should We Be Leary Of Bulletproof Coffee??
This latest breakfast fad was born in 2009 to blogger Dave Asprey of If you live under a rock, Bulletproof coffee is basically made from high quality (high antioxidant) coffee beans, grass-fed unsalted butter, and or coconut oil. Blend it, drink it, and that’s breakfast. This may not sound tasty to some, but peo [...]

Ahhh, Strawberry Season Is Upon Us!!

Happy spring y’all!! The Magnolia trees here in the Pacific Northwest have already bloomed, and dropped their fragrant petals for the year, moving us right along into Tulip and Buttercup season. The air is so heavily perfumed right now, and the pollens are everywhere! (Which also means that allergy sufferers have been miserable for week [...]

Product Review: Aloha Superfood Choco...

Yup, together at last! Superfood(s) and chocolate! While us health nerds may have been making something similar to this happen in our own kitchens for a while now, a nutrient dense, superfood charged chocolate bar has finally hit the supermarket shelves! The good people at Aloha have been kind enough to send me free chocolate. YES, I SAID FRE [...]

And Now, For Something Really BigR...

And Now, For Something Really Big…
In honor of the month of March being ‘Nutrition month’, (I looked it up, it’s a real thing) I’ve decided to offer my nutrition services at a HUGE discount for the remainder of the month!! One on one counseling will be a measly $50/hr until the end of March 2015!! **(Just mention this post when booking your appointment& [...]

Four Foods To Avoid Getting A “...

It’s my last post of February 2015, so we of course need to properly round out Heart Health month! Last time we discussed a handful of foods that can help boost your heart health, so in the spirit of fairness (and education) I thought we should address some of the most common, and most damaging and disease causing foods when it comes to [...]

5 Foods To Boost Your Heart Health

If you haven’t heard by now, February is heart health awareness month. This is such an important topic as 1 in 2 people will suffer some version of heart disease within their lifetime! That is a HUGE number! Thankfully boosting your heart health can be as easy as opening your refrigerator or pantry (but a little exercise everyday helps [...]

Simple Chocolate Hearts And Cocozia C...

Happy St. Valentine’s Day lovelies!! While I know that Valentine’s Day is a creation of a marketing mastermind, it does remind us that there is a lot of love in this world AND a lot to be thankful for! Hearts are everywhere in February, as it’s Heart Health/Heart Disease awareness month, and this means that we should be maki [...]

Do You Need More CoQ10 In Your Life?

Most of you will probably answer, “I have no idea”. And that’s okay! Until I went through schooling to become a Certified Nutritionist I hadn’t the foggiest what CoQ10 even was, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone. Coenzyme Q10 (aka Ubiquinol) may not be well known, but it’s prevalence within our bodies is a [...]

Power Packed Pancakes 2 Ways!

I know, a pancake is a pancake, is a pancake. WRONG! A pancake is only as good as what you put in it! And did you also know that February 19th is International Pancake Day?! Most folks don’t think too much about what’s in this sugary breakfast staple. When it comes to this ‘dessert for breakfast’ we all know the fluffy [...]

The Power Of Green Tea Compels You!!

The Power Of Green Tea Compels You!!
Exorcise your inner anti-nutrients through the benefits of green tea!! For centuries green tea has been a major part of a healthy diet for not just Asiatic cultures, but cultures all over the globe, and for very good reason! Simply including a cup of green tea into your day can greatly improve your overall health, while providing mental stimu [...]

Product Review: CocoZia Organic Cocon...

So there’s a few ‘perks’ of being a food/nutrition blogger and nutritionist. Of course knowing how to care for one’s body is the biggest perk of all, but occasionally there are other, more tangible perks…like when people send you products to sample and review!! Last month the nice folks at CocoZia sent me this!! [...]

Spice It Up! It’s For Your Heal...

Spice It Up! It’s For Your Health!
Since it’s been a major part of my diet this week (today is day 7 of my 2015 Master Cleanse) I thought I’d share with you all the copious benefits of Cayenne pepper, one of the components of the MC lemonade recipe. Cayenne, paprika, and other members of the capsicum family have a rich history in the world of folk medicine, and hav [...]

A Healthy Cleanse Option For Detox Ne...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! PHEW! The madness of the holidays is OVER!! It was an extremely busy holiday season for me; seeing clients, working at my other job, AND entertaining family and making time for friends. It was wonderful, I feel that I have so much to be thankful for, but most of all I’m thankful for a little down-time (if you noticed m [...]


admin-ajax.php As a board certified nutritionist and holistic health practitioner (and 9 yr. veggie/vegan) it's no surprise that I'm a huge food nerd. For the last 14 yrs I've been living in the greatest health-friendly city in the pacific northwest, and share my kitchen with my extremely handsome (and very picky) omnivorous husband (the EHH) and our super special puggles, Mr. Pants and Smalls. When I'm not busy seeing clients or studying the latest health and nutrition news, you can find me camped out in my kitchen creating healthful, nutrient dense foods that are also amazingly tasty!


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