10 Minute Chocolates With Sea Salt an...

To answer your first question, yes, I own a ‘praying hands’ chocolate mold. What of it? Nothing says chocolate like praying(!)…except maybe chocolate bunnies, which makes just as much sense to me. And no, I’m not even pretend religious, so let’s not make it weird, okay? So while I usually try to have fruit as a d [...]

Ya Like The Thin Crust?

Me too! But you can’t pay me to turn on the oven this week…So what’s a girl to do when a powerful pizza craving hits during a heat wave? While I won’t turn on the oven, I will turn on the toaster oven. Thankfully those helpful appliances don’t need to heat the whole house in order for you to toast or cook a quick [...]

Too Hot For Oatmeal? Not For Oatmeal ...

Too Hot For Oatmeal? Not For Oatmeal Breakfast Bars!
Give up my oatmeal?? NEVER!!! I’m a huge fan of cooked oats for breakfast. It the perfect vehicle for nutrient dense add-ins, it’s super filling, and all of that Fiber, B1, Magnesium, Selenium, Phosphorus, and Iron make it amazingly healthy!! And did you know that the beta-glucans found in the fiber of oats actually binds to chole [...]

Here Comes The Heat…5 Tips To G...

Day two of no World Cup matches…no wonder it’s a grey day. Sigh…Thankfully there are two semi-final matches tomorrow, AKA the Fourth of July!! I know what I’ll be doing at 9am, er, and 1pm too. So if you’ve been following the World Cup this go around you know these guys are playing in some pretty extreme conditio [...]

Who Needs Birthday Cake??

Who Needs Birthday Cake??
When you can have these Raw Salted Brownie Bites whenever you want?? I don’t keep it a secret that I have a pretty intense sweet tooth, however, my body does not agree with (nor do I want to consume) a bunch of refined sugar. Refined sugar can do serious damage to your body, and especially over the extended course of your life! Serious [...]

Birthday Shenanagins and World Cup Re...

Birthday Shenanagins and World Cup Revelry
@ WCBG for Nederlands v. Spain Yup! One of us is officially lost somewhere in her mid thirties. How am I dealing? Well, I think… I seem to always use my birthday as a time for self-assessment; How is my health? Have I met my personal goals for the last year? What are things I could improve? And reflecting on the things that are going we [...]

Fresh and Healthy Kale & Fennel ...

Happy Saturday!! I’m super excited for this one! I’ve found myself with the whole day off, gorgeous weather, and family in town to share it with! And did I mention a birthday party to go to?? Good stuff happening today! Thanks Spanky! That is one tolerant doggie… If you recall my last post was about the importance of Vitami [...]

Is Vitamin K Important??

Is Vitamin K Important??
Vitamin K is one of those nutrients that generally doesn’t show up on our radar. It has never been touted as a supplement to miraculously cure a variety of ailments like some of it’s nutrient counterparts such as vitamin D, E, or various B vitamins. So what is it? And should we be concerned about how much we’re getting? In t [...]

Hood River Wine and Pear Festival �...

…or what I do with 45 pounds of pears. Yup, you read that right. The last two years the EHH and I have made the beautiful May drive out to Hood River, OR for the annual Wine and Pear Festival, and for the second year in a row we have returned to Portland with a case of pears (1 case of pears= 45 pounds if you were wondering). While it&# [...]

Minnesota Recap and Boosting Your Met...

Minnesota Recap and Boosting Your Metabolism
I was thinking of calling this post “NITK: on the road”, cause we’ve been doing nothing but working and traveling the last few weeks. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just doesn’t leave a lot of time for posting, laundry, or anything else for that matter! Compound that with someone who chronically fo [...]

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admin-ajax.php As a board certified nutritionist and holistic health practitioner (and 9 yr. veggie/vegan) it's no surprise that I'm a huge food nerd. For the last 14 yrs I've been living in the greatest health-friendly city in the pacific northwest, and share my kitchen with my extremely handsome (and very picky) omnivorous husband (the EHH) and our super special puggles, Mr. Pants and Smalls. When I'm not busy seeing clients or studying the latest health and nutrition news, you can find me camped out in my kitchen creating healthful, nutrient dense foods that are also amazingly tasty!
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