The Health Benefits Of Being Thankful

The Health Benefits Of Being Thankful
American Thanksgiving is this week!! Normally I am WAY more jazzed for this mega food holiday, but this year I will simply be thankful for a day off with the EHH and the dogs. Our work lives have been such lately that he and I will sometimes go an entire week without seeing each other awake. Super uncool. That being said, we made an executive [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Before Be...

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Before Bedtime
I work with a lot of people that have what is considered an unusual working or sleep schedule. So it’s no wonder I hear a lot of complaints about sleep disturbances, inability to fall and/or stay asleep, and digestive upset when trying to sleep. Most of these people also tend to eat at odd times, or late in the day. If you have ever eat [...]

Taqueria-Style Pickled Vegetables, Ea...

This pickled veggie plate goes by many different aliases; Mexican Relish, Escabeche (which I think is silly, since this also is the name of a traditional fish entree), Spicy Mexi-veg, or Mexi-pickles. Whatever you choose to call them, if you ask the EHH you cannot have tacos without these! The spicy, briny, just tender veggies add so much to [...]

Healthy Candy Options For The Holiday...

It’s that time of year when bags of candy are gobbled up by trick or treaters – or left around the house or office for mindless munching! Give your ghosts and goblins (and yourself) a healthier Halloween (and subsequent holiday season) with lower-sugar sweets! With Halloween coming up tomorrow, candy options abound. Regardless of [...]

Easy Pumpkin Creme Mousse

Halloween is less than two weeks away, and I have yet to watch “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”! This is unacceptable. Although the EHH and I have plans to go see the 1931 Dracula this evening, and that will have to tide me over. These last several weeks have been zipping by, and for good reasons; like some new and ex [...]

Heirloom Tomato & Greek Basil Ja...

Ooooh! A non-pumpkin post in the month of October! I must be loosing my touch…Over the summer a wonderful little neighborhood pub moved into our neck of the woods. The Parkside Pub is where we spent a good amount of our July and August days watching World Cup matches, Timbers games, and making nice with the owners (whom I already knew o [...]

The Ups & The Downs…

The Ups & The Downs…
Life can be overwhelming at times, and this last week I have found myself staring at this image often.. For me (and maybe you, too) it accurately represents certain relationships we all have within our lives, and I find that being able to visualize this helps me to keep focused, keep positive, and not allow those negative elements within my l [...]

The New Face Of Guacamole

Holy moly! It’s the last day of Mofo!! And while I kind of fell of the tracks these last two weeks, I can at least feel good about finishing strong. The first two weeks of Mofo were great! But I also had a pretty light work schedule, but by mid-month my non-Mofo life started getting really busy, and well, something had to give… I [...]

Pumpkin Pecan Granola

Is it too early to start with the pumpkin flavored everything?? If you ask me I say an emphatic “NO!”, because in my opinion it’s never too early, and frankly I think more people should eat winter squash year round! Besides all of the lovely carotenoids and antioxidant complexes, gobs of both fiber and minerals, and a hearty [...]

Foods For Graceful Aging

Get out your grocery lists! This is important if you’re one of the millions who are concerned about their mental and physical well being as our bodies transition and age. Aging and deterioration (sorry, I don’t mean to be harsh) is after all, inevitable. However, we do have a good amount of control over how quickly, and how severe [...]


admin-ajax.php As a board certified nutritionist and holistic health practitioner (and 9 yr. veggie/vegan) it's no surprise that I'm a huge food nerd. For the last 14 yrs I've been living in the greatest health-friendly city in the pacific northwest, and share my kitchen with my extremely handsome (and very picky) omnivorous husband (the EHH) and our super special puggles, Mr. Pants and Smalls. When I'm not busy seeing clients or studying the latest health and nutrition news, you can find me camped out in my kitchen creating healthful, nutrient dense foods that are also amazingly tasty!


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