Foods For Graceful Aging

Get out your grocery lists! This is important if you’re one of the millions who are concerned about their mental and physical well being as our bodies transition and age. Aging and deterioration (sorry, I don’t mean to be harsh) is after all, inevitable. However, we do have a good amount of control over how quickly, and how severe [...]

Easy Cashew Queso

I think every vegan has their ‘go-to’ cheese sauce. After searching for mine for over 8 years, I still can’t find one that is easier, tastier, or more packed with healthy fats and nutrients. It’s a total win-win…win! I swore off fake vegan cheeses years ago. After all, I went vegan so I wouldn’t be eating s [...]

Southern Black-eyed Peas & Green...

I am so excited that it’s almost fall! I love walking the pooches in the morning with a little crispness in the air (and there’s usually less people out, too), smelling the first of the wood fires, apple and pumpkin flavored everything, and soup season!! But before we go on, I have to share with you the precious little guys Mr. Pa [...]

Stressed? Bored? Or Are You Actually ...

When stressed, bored, or anxious some people turn to food. I am/was one of these people (and I’m still re-learning how to have a healthy relationship with food and nutrition). It’s important to know that what may be soothing for you at the time can make you feel worse – and weigh more – in the end. If you tend to turn [...]

(A Great) Tempeh Bacon Sando

Mofo continues on… Finally! A truly great tempeh bacon!! Well I love it anyway. While nothing is gonna be exactly like pork bacon, and tempeh doesn’t exactly ‘crisp up’ like the real deal, this at least comes darn close in the flavor department. This is the key to a really great Tempeh Bacon Sandwich. If your bacon suc [...]

Apple Streusel Muffins

It’s finally apple season!! I love me some apples, but over the summer months they become so ridiculously expensive since they’re out of season. Thankfully I have the summer berry season to keep me distracted… The EHH asked me to make him some muffins that were a). light, b). that he is able to eat on the go at work, and c). [...]

Chocolate Protein “Ice Cream...

I gotta be honest…I eat this almost every single day…at least once, sometimes twice…I’m kind of obsessed. I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about consuming this mega craving crusher either! I work out almost daily, so my protein needs are a bit higher; I choose a raw, vegan, high quality protein powder (IR [...]

15 Minute Garden Pasta Toss

Ahh, the end of summer dishes (although it still really feels like summer this weekend)… They might be my favorite, simply because of the super fresh, crisp veggies that come straight out of the garden! SO GOOD! Veggies this fresh are also significantly more nutritious as well. Produce naturally loses a good amount of nutrients when it [...]

Roasted Hatch Chili & Yam Tacos

You heard me! Roasted Hatch chilies people!! And VeganMofo 2014 continues… Taco’s are a favorite of both the EHH and I. We eat tacos probably about twice a week, but in summer it can be as often as twice per day. No joke. He grew up in SoCal, in the land of taco excellence…hand made tortilla, marinated and slow braised meats [...]

Healthy Vegan Sour Cream

A lot of years ago when I first decided to go vegan, it was primarily for health reasons…that whole stewardship of the planet, and compassion towards animals was all just a nice bonus. As a vegan noob I found myself relying fairly heavily on faux foods for at least that firstĀ  year. Faux cheese, faux meats, faux mayo, faux sour cream [...]

About me…

admin-ajax.php As a board certified nutritionist and holistic health practitioner (and 9 yr. veggie/vegan) it's no surprise that I'm a huge food nerd. For the last 14 yrs I've been living in the greatest health-friendly city in the pacific northwest, and share my kitchen with my extremely handsome (and very picky) omnivorous husband (the EHH) and our super special puggles, Mr. Pants and Smalls. When I'm not busy seeing clients or studying the latest health and nutrition news, you can find me camped out in my kitchen creating healthful, nutrient dense foods that are also amazingly tasty!
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